Wittedrift Birding Festival

30 October - 1 November 2020

This year we're packing a lot into three days! Join us for bird ringing, bird counting for the SA Bird Atlas Project, many guided and self-guided destinations, an evening with the experts and great discussion of all things birds. In a beautiful, diverse, off-the-beaten-track location near Plettenberg Bay.

Here are some of the main attractions:

  • Guided birding tours
  • Bird count - an important exercise to identify birds and contribute to the South African Bird Atlas Project
  • Illustrated talks from Nature's Valley Trust and leading bird expert Dr Mark Brown
  • Bird-ringing, measuring and recording with Nature's Valley Trust
  • Comprehensive map of birding hotspots in the Wittedrift area for you to explore in your own time

Following the very successful 2019 Birding Festival it is a pleasure to invite you to three days of birding action in our astonishingly diverse ecosystem – from fynbos to forests, from grasslands to reedbeds and riversides. Several landowners have given birders access to some fabulous places not normally open to the public.

Note on all bookings:

  • Due to Covid restrictions only advance booking and payment can be accommodated. This year we cannot admit walk-ins.
  • The lecture and discussion on Saturday afternoon will be followed by an optional drinks and braai. We will send you the details well in advance to give you a chance to book
  • If you need advice or support when booking, please contact us with your name and email address on our Facebook page, or email hello@wittedriftway.com 


Name: Cast Arena

Bank: Nedbank

Acc no: 1178877728

Branch: 198765 


We have special low-price accommodation offers for the duration of the weekend. E-mail us on hello@wittedriftway.com and we'll send you the details

Birds of Wittedrift Way

Please scroll down to view the gallery of some of Wittedrift Way's beautiful birds.

Apalis Bar-throated Dove Laughing Ibis African Sacred Spoonbill African
Barbet Black-collared Dove Red-eyed Ibis Hadeda Spurfowl Red-necked
Batis Cape Drongo Fork-tailed Kingfisher Brown-hooded Starling Black-bellied
Bishop Yellow Duck Yellow-billed Kingfisher Giant Starling Common
Boubou Southern  Eagle African Fish Kingfisher Pied Starling Red-winged
Brownbul Terrestrial Eagle-owl Spotted Lapwing Blacksmith Stilt Black-winged
Bulbul Cape Egret Little Moorhen Common Sugarbird Cape
Bustar Denham's Egret Western Cattle Mousebird Speckled Sunbird Amethyst
Buzzard Jackal Fiscal Common (Southern) Oriole Black-headed Sunbird Greater Double-collared
Canary Brimstone Flycatcher African Dusky Pigeon Speckled Sunbird Southern Double-collared
Cisticola Levaillant's Flycatcher Fiscal Pipit Plain-backed Teal Red-billed 
Cormorant Cape Goose Egyptian Plover Kittlitz's Trogon Narina
Cormorant Reed Grebe Little Plover Three-banded Turaco Knysna
Cormorant White-breasted Greenbul Sombre Prinia Karoo Wagtail Cape
Crane Blue Greenshank Common Raven White-necked Weaver Cape
Crow Cape Guineafowl Helmeted Robin-Chat Cape Whimbrel
Crow Pied Heron Black-headed Seedeater Streaky-headed White-eye Cape
Dove Cape Turtle- Heron Grey Sparrow Southern Grey-headed